About Elevation Staffing: 

Why Elevation Staffing?  It’s usually the first thing we hear when talking to clients or prospective employees.  Quite frankly, it’s a fair question.  We’ve heard most everything and we are here because the founder of Elevation Staffing worked for companies large and small from 5 employees to 100’s and at the end of the day it came down to customer and employee services.  Fact of the matter is, Service is what makes the world go round.  One thing we noticed through those experiences is that we wanted to do it better and more efficiently.   At Elevation Staffing we pride ourselves on delivering excellent and efficient customer service to our clients. We believe that it is critical to both listen and address the needs of each client on an individual basis. We care deeply about your business as if it was our own and we want to invest in the success of quality hires and placement.  What that means is that when you work with Elevation Staffing you can be assured that you will be getting a thoroughly screened candidate, someone who is driven and has a desire to succeed just like your organization. We have a service guarantee for any candidate that is placed that if you’re not fully satisfied after a days’ worth of work you won’t be billed for those hours and a replacement will be in route.  We take the time up-front in meeting with clients to get to know cultures, expectations, and past results or concerns.  We listen to what you’re looking for, we will always strive to get it right the first time.  Additionally, we spend time evaluating and getting to know each of the potential candidates for your organization, rigorous back ground screening and in depth conversations about where our employee’s see themselves in the future and currently what they are seeking out. We take time to evaluate their personalities and their skill set so that they can be best placed within the needs of your organization be it in the field or in the office. By making careful and educated placements within your organization, it can lead to building relationships, being partners in the big picture and allowing employees help to meet their growth potential both personally and professionally.  All of this to ensure both parties get the job done and make things happen.  So why Elevation Staffing? Simply put there can be and there is a difference out there, let us pave the way! 

Key Disciplines/Focus:

  • Temporary Manpower Solutions in the Electrical industry
  • Direct Placement of high level positions within Construction
  • Temp to Permanent Placement for workers
  • Exceptional Customer Service to clients and employees